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Hangcha Lithium-Ion Technology

 Lithium-ion technology (Lithium Iron Phosphate), was developed jointly by HANGCHA and CATL under the joint venture company, Hangzhou Pengcheng New Energy Technology Co, Ltd., for use in material handling equipment applications. These innovative and reliable battery cells are manufactured to the highest standard on the premises of Hangcha Group’s main industrial campus exclusively for HANGCHA’s full material handling equipment line.

Hangzhou Pengcheng New Energy Technology Co, Ltd., a joint venture established by Hangcha Group and CATL, is a company focused on non-road vehicle lithium battery power solutions, and strives to lead the world's power solutions. Mature CATL square aluminum-shell, lithium iron, phosphate batteries, and standardized modules are adopted in our products, which enjoys fast charging, high cycle life and safety, and cost performance.

The company independently designs, high-strength and high-protection battery packs for non-road vehicles in harsh operating conditions of which all modules are equipped with heating film as standard and with advanced thermal management system design. It can ensure not only the reliable application of the battery in low-temperature environments but also the stable and uniform distribution of the heat of the battery system in high-temperature environments to extend the service life of the battery pack.

It developed a multi-protection BMS system suitable for industrial vehicles which greatly reduces the risk of control loop failure and ensures safe and effective battery management. Its automatic module laser welding production lines use AGV's lithium battery pack batching assembly line and 16-channel maximum 750V lithium battery charge and discharge test line, which ensure high-quality and high-efficiency production.

The company's independent R&D and continuous innovation capabilities, including EBM technology, have been significantly improved upon growing R&D investment, which ensures that we always lead the industry with advanced technology and keeps Hangcha Group's leading status in electric industrial vehicles.

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